Since 1995 OIG has developed and stood out as one of the most important companies in the design, manufacture, installation and marketing of finishing lines applied to any Company that has within its processes the need to provide a treatment and/or coating to any surface.


Within our different of services we have comercial representations of technologies that seek to solve the needs our customers by granting Savings, Greater Quality and Enviromental Sustainability.


Our main interest is to join the effort of fulfilling both operational and financial objectives by contributing and integrating the necessary technology to achieve the success of its mission as a company.



Be a professional development platform for our employees that allows them to have the necessary skills and meet the demands of OIG, customers and suppliers in order to offer solutions to achieve the sales and development objectives necessary to carry out our growth as company respecting environmental issues at all times and in as much as possible.

Be in 2020 one of the 3 leading companies in the national market offering cutting edge solutions that offer continuous innovation in coatings systems synergizing with our suppliers and customers in the fulfillment of the objectives that provide the total satisfaction of those who trust in us as your business partners.



Strength    Commitment

Ethics    Honesty

Environmental Sustainability


OIG is in a position of great strength in the finishing industry, and continually invests in expanding our capabilities to serve our customers. We maintain standard cabins designs, but as manufacturers we can design and manufacture the cockpit with the right specifications to meet your needs.


We master all types of booths for different sectors: pressurized spray booths, paint booths, cameras extraction and water curtains.


We are official distributors across North America and the SIFAP Sames brand specialists finishing systems and equipment for electrostatic paint.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Méx.

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